Dodgy Scrap Metal Dealers Targeted

8 February 2012, 18:02

Dealers caught trading in stolen scrap metal with have their licenses torn up.

It's part of the Government's latest crackdown to try to put a stop to metal thefts that are thought to be costing the UK around £800 million a year. 

Police forces, community groups and people in the metal industry have been meeting for the first time today in Kettering to discuss more ways to tackle the crime.

Crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers believe this type of crime has seen a steady increase as worldwide prices of copper, lead and other non-ferrous metals continue to rise.

Glyn Hellam, from The British Transport Police has said for them it is one of the most serious crimes in the country: 'We consider it second only to terrorism and that's because it has such an impact on the everyday lives of people across the country, whether it's trains affected, whether it's broadband services, power supplies or sometimes even the heating for people's homes.'