Double Up at Silverstone

Women in Northamptonshire who raise money at one of the county's favourite events are being offered a tougher challenge this year.

Organisers of the Race For Life at Silverstone are, for the first time, giving women the chance to do a 10k instead of the usual 5k.

It means a double lap of the circuit and there are just a thousand places for the longer event.  Officials at Cancer Research UK say they're listening to feedback from women who've taken part in previous events at Silverstone, some of whom wanted to push themselves a bit harder and face an even tougher challenge.

The charity's Hayley Gunn-Bruce told Heart: "we have a lot of sporting ladies in Northamptonshire who want their own personal challenge.  The opportunity to go twice round the Silverstone circuit is something we think will really take off and we're really excited about it."

This year's event will be on the Wednesday 9th June.  There are 5000 places for the usual 5k run and another 1000 spots up for grabs for the 10k.  Last year's event raised over £300,000.