Drugs Warnings 'A Hoax'

6 March 2012, 12:51 | Updated: 6 March 2012, 13:01

Police are reassuring parents text messages that have been circulating in Northamptonshire, claiming strawberry-flavoured drugs are being handed out at school gates, are a hoax.

Northamptonshire Police say they have become aware people in the county have been receiving messages about drugs called 'strawberry quick' or 'strawberry meth'.  They're asking people who receive the messages to ignore them.

The messages have been circulating across the country.  Northants Police say the rumours originated in America in 2007 and there is no basis in them.

"The rumour started in America and it goes round," said Sergeant Simon Pinchin. "It kind of plays on peoples' fears that drugs are going to be made like sweets and these are going to be targeting children in schools."

The messages suggest methamphetamines have been flavoured with strawberries to make them appeal to children.  Northamptonshire Police say they have had no reports of anyone handing out such drugs at school gates.