Forty Drink Drive Arrests

13 December 2012, 11:46 | Updated: 13 December 2012, 11:51

Northamptonshire Police's winter drink drive campaign has so far seen forty people arrested for drink driving.

The annual drink drive campaign began on Saturday 1st December and will be in place until Tuesday 1st January.

Sergeant Tony Hopkins from the Operations Tactical Unit, said: “With the busy party season still ahead of us, we want to be really clear on our message – the only safe limit is none. The potential consequences of deciding to drink and drive are catastrophic.

“One of our primary focuses this year is on those drivers who have consumed a large amount of alcohol during the evening. After going to bed they get up in the morning and think nothing of getting behind the wheel even though there is still a likelihood they are over the drink drive limit and so are not safe to be on our roads.

“Last year’s figures from the Department for Transport show drivers aged between 20 and 24 fail more breath tests (or refused to provide a specimen) that any other age category which is very concerning. People under the age of 25 have so much to lose by getting caught drink or drug driving. The majority of drivers abide by the law and do not have a single drink, but it only takes one time to destroy their lives.”

Over the next 12 days, we will be posting daily messages on our Facebook and Twitter messages around themes from the drink drive campaign.

Sergeant Hopkins added: “Keeping in theme with current festivities, our Facebook and Twitter messages will be in the style of ‘The 12 Days before Christmas’ which will aim to highlight the importance of not drinking if you intend to drive.”

The 12 Days before Christmas messages are:

40 arrests have been made so far during the drink drive campaign - don’t become statistic #fatalfour #12daysbeforechristmas

Drinking and driving could result in your death, or someone else’s. #fatalfour #11daysbeforechristmas

1,290 serious and 8,430 minor injuries occurred in 2011 due to a driver being over the drink drive limit #fatalfour #10daysbeforechristmas

Don’t drink and drive - you may be arrested & lose your driver’s licence #fatalfour #9daysbeforechristmas

Don’t take drugs and drive – Why risk your life, or someone else’s? #fatalfour #8daysbeforechristmas

Drank last night? You could still be over the limit this morning #fatalfour #7daysbeforechristmas

Alcohol is a primary factor in 25 per cent of all road deaths #fatalfour #6daysbeforechristmas

50,000+ drink driving offenders are convicted each year #fatalfour #5daysbeforechristmas

Planning on a drink? Make sure you get home safely without driving #fatalfour #4daysbeforechristmas

Nationally 280 people were killed last year as a result of drink driver #fatalfour #3daysbeforechristmas

Don’t take drugs and drive – It is just a serious as drinking and driving #fatalfour #2daysbeforechristmas

Where will you be sleeping tonight? Don’t make it a cell-hospital-morgue #fatalfour #nightbeforechristmas