Frosty The Cat

Staff at frozen-food warehouse in the county spent four weeks trying to find the cat after spotting him on several occasions.

Eventually he was trapped humanely and taken to the RSPCA.  They've revealed that he has since lost both ears and his tail to frostbite but is now making a good recovery.

The feline managed to survive for a month in temperatures of minus2 (28f) and officials at the animal charity think he must have survived on a diet of frozen peas and frost.

Staff have now called him Frosty and he's being cared for at the Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester. Spokesman Steve Sellars told Heart: "things must have been really tough for him in there and we can only imagine that he survived by eating whatever he could get his little paws on.  He's very lucky, we think he's used up 8 and three quarters of his nine lives."

One of the workers at the centre is now offering Frosty a new, warmer, home once he is fully recovered.