Kettering half-term crackdown

15 February 2011, 17:29 | Updated: 2 March 2011, 12:17

Police in the Kettering area will be targeting those who commit anti-social behaviour during half term week.

The Force’s ongoing and successful campaign to combat anti-social behaviour will focus on Kettering, Desborough and Rothwell next week.

Anti-social behaviour tends to peak when children are off school and officers are looking to increase patrols in hot spot areas and quicken response times to reported incidents.

Sergeant Ash Tuckley, of Kettering’s Safer Community Team, said: “Incidents of anti-social behaviour were increasing at a high rate in April last year but a lot of hard work and ongoing activity has seen that rate of increase coming down.

“During half term, additional resources will be used to support the dedicated anti-social behaviour car to provide a quick response and prevent repeat problems in the same locations."

Police Community Support Officers will be working closely with youth workers during the week and events have been planned at the Keystone youth centre to help prevent children from hanging around in the streets.

Underage drinking will be targeted and local shops visited and, where necessary, ticketed or prosecuted for selling to youths who are under age.

In Desborough and Rothwell, concern about anti-social behaviour remains high although few issues have been reported.

Sergeant Simon Lloyd, of Kettering Rural, added: “Persistent offenders may find themselves not only on the wrong side of the law but also in breach of tenancy conditions, which could lead to court action or even eviction named tenant.”

The senior officer overseeing the operation is delighted that the increase in incidents of anti-social behaviour in the Kettering area has slowed significantly.

Chief Inspector Max Williams said: “This encouraging trend has resulted in the face of the public’s increasing confidence around reporting incidents to us.

“I am confident that this will continue. This operation has been a great example of how the Force is tailoring operations to tackle local issues.”