Lorry Taking Super Silo To Corby

18 March 2012, 08:00

A silo, 20 meters by 6 meters is being transported to the Weldon Industrial Estate in Corby today.

When it arrives it will be used by the company Roquette to store Wheatfeed (bran) pellets.

Chris Sallow, the managing Director of Roquette says drivers should not experience too much disruption:

"The route has been planned meticulously so I'm very optimistic that it shouldn't cause any real inconvenience of course if it does we apologies for that but this really is a one off event we don't do this every week its one in 20 years"

The journey the silo will take has been carefully planned to avoid any overhead cables and low bridges but some road signs are going to temporarily taken down to make room for the exceptionally wide load.

The silo weights 30 tonnes- that is twice as much as the Big Ben bell and will have a police escort for the journey.