New restrictions over 'adult' businesses

The countdown is on for a new law, to make it easier for residents to object to a lap-dancing clubs or sex shops opening in their area.

Deputy leader of the Council Paul Varnsverry told heart "existing adult book stores or entertainment venues which offer lap-dancing have already operated in an area within (a triangle bouned by) the Wellingborough Road the Kettering Road and Abington Avenue.

The three licenced premises have already operated within their permisions, without incident for many years".

Cllr Varnsverry added "you have to remember these are legal enterprises, but the council understands residents concerns about either the number of such premises or the specific location of any one such business.  From next Tuesday when the Licensing Committee meet (which up to this point has only had jurisdiction over alcohol licens
ing), they will now take into consideration the outside appearance of the businesses and any thing inappropriate that may been seen from the street by a passer-by".

Until now, Northampton Borough Council have had limited powers of restrictions, but with the greater powers, residents with legitimate concerns can go to the Committee with their thoughts on either the general Council's policy on adult venues, or even the specific licenses.

The Licensing Committee meet for the first time with the new powers on Tuesday (May 25th), at Northampton Borough Council.