Northampton girl in Bra contest

Nicola Thorneycroft from Long Buckby has flaunted her figure into the Top 30 of the National Star in a Bra competition.

With nearly 1000 entrants from all over the UK, 30 have been chosen to take part in the first public vote of the National Star in a Bra competition. An online lingerie store is searching for a DD+ girl who is curvy, charismatic and confident with a fuller body and natural bust. claims the UK’s average boob size is now above a DD and the average dress size a 16 but many fashion brands still lack in choosing models that relate to these statistics.  

Kate Thorneycroft19 year old Nicola is now through to the public vote which finishes on the 16th May.

The 10 girls who receive the most votes will take part in a makeover and professional photoshoot.

These photos will then form part of the final public vote where the curvy winner will be announced.