Northants young mums to make fitness DVD

A group of young mums from Northampton are producing their own a fitness DVD to show how to lose those post-pregnancy pounds.

The mums are producing the DVD as part of a project by ITV Fixers. In the DVD they'll be taking part in Latin, Street, and Belly Dancing in attempt to burn some calories and lose the weight they've put on from their pregnancies.

Latin teacher Julie Holland has helped with the DVD, she says it's a nice change from a celebrity-fronted fitness program: "It's just normal girls and a dance instructor having fun."

They're set to film the DVD around mid-May with the help of a local gym as well fitness and dance instructors who'll be taking them through the routines.

Adam Cochraine, who's trained celebrities such as Hannah Waterman and Katy Hill in the past, helped the girls prepare for the DVD. He says young mums shouldn't worry about losing weight too quickly: "A realistic way of looking at this is that it took you almost a year to get to your post-baby weight so you need to take a year to lose the baby weight."

Heart reporter Freddie Harrison spoke to some of the mums involved in the DVD, to hear what they had to say click here.