Nurse Chosen For The Olympics

1 February 2012, 06:00

A nurse at Kettering General Hospital has been chosen to look after the worlds greatest athletes.

Karen Larmour will be taking a 10 day break from the hospitals Orthopaedic Ward to be in the Olympic Stadium.

"I would imagine we will be doing a lot of watching and hoping that they don't injure their self because you wouldn't want an athlete down and obviously if we do it will be a lot of probably limbs and muscle injuries and tendon injuries that sort of thing i anticipate"

She told Heart that she applied for the experience of being at the Olympic games but said there’s another side to it too:

"What’s quite nice, away from the Olympics side you get to work with other medical teams and learn from their wealth of experience. Whatever i feel will benefit my ward will come back with me for us to try here"

Sees been at the hospital for 25 years this won't be the first big event she's nursed at.

She worked at the Grand Prix and the Horse Guards Parade in London in August last year

Karens got several days of training before the Games.

She is yet to find out what 10 days she will be working within the 3 weeks