Pay Review Demo

14 September 2010, 06:00

Union leaders say they're expecting hundreds of workers to line the streets outside the main offices of the County Council to voice their anger about the new Pay Review.

The Review has looked at more than two thousand jobs affecting over 14 thousand employees and will put everyone on the same terms and conditions, doing away with historical agreements and allowances.

44 percent of staff will see their wages increase from April next year.  But 28% will see their salaries cut and another 28% will see their pay deal remain unchanged.

The county council say the changes have been forced upon them by changes to legislation and the need to adopt a single working agreement. 

You can read some of their arguments here.

The authority also maintains that long-running negotiations with the unions failed to show a reasonable prospect of a settlement being reached which is why the negotiations have been brought forward without their support.  There is a deadline of 20th September for workers to sign and return their new terms of employment.

However, the union UNISON disputes their claims.  Northamptonshire Branch Secretary Steve Bennett calls the cuts "despicable" He told Heart: "The demo is to make the county council aware that were are still not happy to accept the despicable cuts under the umbrella of Pay and Benefits and the changes to our terms and conditions without any real consultation.  This whole project needs looking into."