Pets Tie The Knot

23 May 2012, 06:00

The average UK wedding costs more than £20,000 but imagine spending that watching your pets get married.

Well that's apparently what some people will pay for the animal nuptials complete with a ceremony, caterers being hired in, professional photographers, outfits and chauffeured limousines. 

Animal registrar Ann Clark marries small mammals in her back garden in Desborough in Northamptonshire with people paying out anything from £150 up to £20,000.

She has been running the business for four years now, performing services for dogs, cats and rabbits. 

Ann told Heart she thinks the animals do know what is going on: 'The first wedding we did I have never seen two dogs more devoted to each other, when the male was walking down the aisle we held the female back and as he was walking down the aisle he was turning round and trying to get back to his partner. 

'You have not got to take it too seriously it has got to have a fun element to it.'

She also offers civil partnership and cross species services and even runs a bit of a match making business helping animals find their perfect partner. 

There is no legal basis to the marriage and Ann isn't officially a registrar, but that hasn't stopped business from booming.