Police Find County's Largest Cannabis Factory

27 May 2011, 06:00

Officers in Rushden have uncovered the largest cannabis factory ever found in Northamptonshire.

A police team has spent the last few days clearing and examining plants from premises on Wellingborough Road, Rushden.
Around 3,000 plants, with an estimated street value of more than £1 million, were found in 28 rooms.
Rushden Cannabis FactoryChief Inspector Gary Ashton, of Wellingborough police, said: "We believe this factory may have been running for a few months and I would like to appeal to landlords who let out large premises such as this one in Rushden.
"Please ensure that you keep a check on these premises by visiting them regularly. The cost associated with cannabis factory discoveries such as this is extremely high, so it is in the landlord's best interests to do so.
"And I would urge anyone who notices any suspicious activity around premises in the area where they work or live to report it to us, either on 03000 111 222 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
"Community intelligence is vital to help us carry out jobs such as this. More and more information is coming through to us, which is why more and more cannabis factories are being uncovered.
"Operation Guardian throughout Northamptonshire is determined to root out the criminality and anti-social behaviour, much of it fuelled by drugs, which can impact so greatly on the quality of life of people in this county."