Police Offer £20K Reward

7 December 2011, 14:41 | Updated: 8 December 2011, 11:50

A £20,000 reward's being offered for help finding the killer of a kidnapped man whose remains were found in Northamptonshire in April.

Andrzej Kulesza, 27, (right) was kidnapped from North London in September 2010 when he when to buy milk and bread.

His girlfriend recieved ransom demands, some of which she paid but Andrzej was not returned.  His bones were found seven months later in a field near Rothersthorpe, Northamptonshire.

Detective Chief Inspector Jacqueline Sebire from the Metropolitan Police, who is investigating the murder, said "It is very unusual for a kidnap victim to then be murdered in such a way, also what is unusual is the link between London and Northampton, that’s why we are offering such a substantial amount of money."

Andrzej Kulesza was part of the Polish community in North London. Sebire thinks these people are key in helping with the investigation but wants the people of Northamptonshire think back to that time as well:

"His body was found in Northamptonshire and we can't find any connection at the moment that he would have had i that area so anyone that might have seen anything suspicious or has a Polish connection up there we would be really keen to hear as well"

A 22 year old man and a 34 year old man have been arrested on suspicion of kidnap and murder and have been released on bail. 

The Met Police are asking people to call 020 8358 0200 with any information. Messages in Polish can be left on 020 8358 0305.