Police Show Respect For Manchester Colleagues

3 October 2012, 06:00

Police in Northamptonshire will pay their respects to PC’s Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes at two commemorative services.

They're coincide with their funerals taking place in Manchester.

One will be in Kettering Market Square at 12:45pm today and the other will be at All Saints Church in Northampton at 9:45am tomorrow.

Members of the public are welcome to join.

Two officers from Northamptonshire Police Force will be at the funerals in Manchester supporting colleagues.

Inspector Elliott Foskett told Heart the police force is like a family and when an officer gets killed on duty it has an impact on everyone no matter which force they work for.

He says:

"There’s such a feeling here in force that people want to show their support for the families and for the colleagues that we thought we'd put these two small local events on"