Pub Sells 100% Horse Burgers

22 February 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 22 February 2013, 07:17

We now know many of us may have unwittingly eaten horsemeat in beef products, but would you ever willingly order horse while eating out in a pub?

Burgers that are 100% have gone on the menu at a Northamptonshire pub.  Russell Proctor, who owns The George Inn at Tiffield near Towcester, told Heart that when the horsemeat scandal first broke some of his customers made jokes about the beef in his food.

He reacted by asking them if they'd eat horse if he put it on the menu.  They said they would, so he did it.

After tracking down a local supplier of horse he's been to collect the meat and started getting it ready.

"It's a much stickier meat to handle than beef which I've never experienced before but I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together and I look forward to selling it to our customers," he said.

He told Heart the idea seems to have gone down well with customers.  With lots of people showing an interest he’s starting to worry he might not have enough horse to go round.

If it is a success, Russell says he'll consider making it a regular event and maybe even try some other unusual meat like crocodile or zebra.