Robbery bag sells for £126

The shopping bag a 71 year old grandmother used to break up an alleged armed robbery at a jeweller's has sold for just over £126 on eBay.

Ann Timson used the bag to attack six men who had sledgehammers in Northampton on 7 February 2011.  She subsequently became a worldwide star as video footage of what she did was shown around the globe.

In an interview with the American TV network NBC on Thursday 17 February, she said she was considering putting the bag up for auction to raise money for charity.  Her son Andre, who lives in the United States, put it on eBay.  It sold on Sunday 27 February for $203.50 (£126.62).

Of her actions, Ann, who suffers from arthritis and sometimes needs to use a wheelchair, said: "I'm not a hero or a heroine or a supergran.  I just thought a kid was being hit.

"In for a penny, in for a pound. I think the adrenaline got going and the second thought was how dare they do a daylight robbery?  That was it.  I was mad."

On eBay, her son, Andre wrote: "Due to the interest in this story and subsequent questions about the bag, we are offering it  to the highest bidder in the hopes that the small amount it sells for can provide some funds for the UNICEF organization.

"We chose the UNICEF organization for it's fine international work benefiting children."

Watch the video footage of Ann

See the bag on eBay