Schoolchildren Have Pub Lunches

7 March 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 7 March 2013, 12:53

Children at a Northamptonshire school have started going to their local pub at lunch time for a hot meal.

It's after the headteacher of Tiffield Church of England Primary School, Eliza Hollis, was unable to find a hot meal provider to cater for the small school.

"We looked at local areas, we looked at local providers and nobody would actually come to such a small school however I believe we use the resources that are on our doorstep so we approached The George and they were more than happy to supply hot school dinners for the school," she said.

Mrs. Hollis told Heart there used to be a company that would bring hot meals into the school but they had to stop last year when the costs became too high.

She says giving the children a hot meal at lunchtime is not only about giving parents more options.

She claims after a hot meal children behave better and concentrate more in the afternoon.

So three days a week teachers walk around ten children, as young as four years old, to The George Inn pub where Landlord Russell Proctor has cooked them a two course meal.

The menu changes from week-to-week with dishes like roast chicken, toad-in-the-hole and tuna bake.

Tiffield isn't the only school that's started doing this.  Eliza Hollis is also the headteacher of Stoke Bruerne Church of England Primary School who had the same problem and have also started going to their local pub at lunchtimes.