School Damaged Two Nights In A Row

2 November 2011, 12:40 | Updated: 2 November 2011, 16:28

Last night thieves broke into Lings Primary School for the second time this week. They smashed a window and stole lap top computers, cameras, money and the keys to a brand new mini bus.

All this happened despite the school having overnight police patrols. The police were watching the building after thieves stole copper wires from the roof the night before.

The school has been closed today because the theft of the copper wires left them with no electricity. Leigh Wolmarans is the schools head teacher and is devastated by the two incidents.  

"We were looking through the windows and saw the office had been absolutely taken to pieces and stuff thrown all over the place we were just absolutely gutted... There were quite a few teary eyes because its just twice in a row and the staff have worked so hard over the last few days to make sure the school is ready for the children to come back but for a couple of cameras and a couple of quid they've just once again destroyed the school"

Leigh says he is determined not to let this interfere with education. He has been assured the electricity will be back on this evening so the school can open as normal tomorrow. Police will be patrolling the school again this evening as they investigate the two crimes.