Silverstone's new circuit

The track near Brackleys had a 5 million pound revamp for this years British Grand Prix and Moto GP.

The new Arena circuit was officially unveiled by the Duke of York today.

The revised layout features a number of new corners and increases the length of a lap to 3.66 miles, with the opening of the new section of circuit being the first step in a two-year development plan which will also see a new pits and grandstands created.

The works been completed in just five months after worries that Formula 1 would move to Donington.

A 17 year deal has since been reached for Silverstone to host the British Grand Prix.

President of the British Racing Drivers Club and former F1 champion Damon Hill said:

"It's still Silverstone but it's going to be one of those circuits which driver's want to come to because its fast and spectators want to come to to see drivers being pushed to their fastest limits.

Its not a good thing what happened to Donington. They're still in financial trouble. I'm just not sure if it was a good choice to redevelop it as a grand prix venue. I think the infrastructure here at Silverstone's already been put in place. It just seemed to me and extra expense for no real purpose.

The local economy benefits from Silverstone but also Britain benefits from having a grand prix because when people turn on their TV sets all over the world they're looking at Great Britain. So that's why it's important for us to get investment into Silverstone and show people that we do things properly here."