Students Shocked Into Road Safety

24 November 2011, 06:00

Northamptonshire Casualty Reduction Partnership have been using Road Safety week to shock college students with the consequences of dangerous driving. A mock car crash scene was set up outside Northampton College and a workshop showed gruesome hard-hitting images.

Road Safety Week was set up by the charity BRAKE and this year the theme is '2 Young 2 Die' which is why students are being targeted. 

Fire and Rescue Service Watch Manager Steve Parr is running the workshop:

"This age group comes in with the highest figures as the most at risk- what we are trying to identify with them is things like seat belts, drinking and driving, being a passenger in a car with someone who is speeding and just identifying themselves what is good and what is bad practice"  

Sixteen year old IT student Connor Eels says the shocking scenes shown during the workshop have taught him some important lessons for when he starts driving:

"i will be thinking about it when I am seventeen, I will remember to wear a seatbelt and when my mates jump in my car I will be reminding them to wear a seatbelt as well"

This will come as good news to the National charity BREAK who say an 18 year old driver is three times more likely to be involved in an accident that a 48 year old driver.