Wheelie bin fine

A man who repeatedly left his wheelie bins on the pavement outside his home after they had been emptied has been fined £175.

Wellingborough Council say Peter Thompson regularly left the bins out for days outside his property in Gammidge Court in Finedon.

He was found guilty in his absence at Wellingborough Magistrates Court of four offences in April and May of failing to comply with an official notice served to him by the council.  As well as the £175 fine, he's also had to pay £150 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The Council say following complaints, they served notices of February 2010 to all occupiers of the properties in the area making them legally responsible for their bins after collection.

Malcolm Waters from the Council said: "Bins left out on pavements are a nuisance and a fire risk and we shall take action against any householder who ignores our requests to take their bins in.

"Enforcement is a last resort and in this particular instance several residents ignored our repeated warnings to keep their bins off the street therefore we had no alternative but to serve official notices on them.

"Anyone not complying with the notice was then committing an offence. Where residents have genuine problems with storage or presentation of their bins we shall always do everything we can to assist them."