World Record Breakers?!!!

A whole host of weird and wonderful world record breakers are descending on Northampton this month...

From men who balance cars on their heads to one's who shove rats down their trouser's and eat the most sausages in a minute, all kinds of people who've set the craziest world records ever are coming to Northampton.

The Record Holders Republic Olympics are taking place at the Billing Aquadrome on the 12th and 13th June where a variety of title holders will try and smash more records.

There'll also be the chance for local people to try their hand at some crazy new feats.

Peter Dowdeswell from Earls Barton has broken 339 world records for eating or drinking, including eating the most sausages in under a minute and the most jellied eels.

He says:

"I hold all eating records, beer drinking records, walking with house bricks, lying on a bed of glass, I ate 4 and a half pounds of jellied eels and I can do 12 champagne glasses with the stem in 5 minutes.

We've got John Evans attending, he balances things on his head, and we have a motor stunt team, where a driver's going to attempt to drive through walls of fire. We also have Ken Edwards, he puts rats down his trousers. It'll be a really good day out that you'll never have seen before."

Peter eating 10 sausages in 15 seconds...