Advice For Liverpool And Everton Supporters

28 January 2014, 10:43 | Updated: 28 January 2014, 10:50

Merseyside Police say that fans should leave plenty of time to get in to Anfield tonight, with the promise that everyone will be searched.

The main thing they are looking for will be flares, which have come more common at football stadiums, despite them being illegal.

Chief Supt Carl Krueger is the match commander for this evening's game, saying: "At the last derby, the behaviour of the majority of the fans was very good. 

"Bring a flare is a criminal offence, and most importantly for fans it may lead to a football banning order, stopping them from going to games in the future."

"As always violence and disorder will not be tolerated whether it be inside or outside the ground. Only last week ten people believed to have been involved in disorder at a bar in Liverpool city centre following a Liverpool home game in December were arrested and bailed. 

"You might think you are anonymous in the crowd or in a busy bar and no-one can see your anti-social behaviour and actions but think about it next time because the ten people arrested last week had the same thought. These ten people will not be able to attended tonight's game and they all risk being given Football Banning Orders. 

"We work closely with the stewards and any inappropriate behaviour will be acted upon as we don't want it to affect the enjoyment of genuine fans, especially younger fans, at the game. 

"Over the last few months, flares, which can burn at extremely high temperatures, have been spotted at grounds around the country. As a precaution, measures including cordons around the stadium will be used to detect anyone in possession of fireworks or flares. As such, people attending Anfield are advised to arrive in plenty of time to gain entry to the ground because of the enhanced searching procedures taking place."

"Fans should ask themselves the question – is this behaviour worth a criminal record, Football Banning Order and even the chance of a jail term?"