Do you know this couple?

We're looking for the happy couple who've lost their wedding album

In the age that we live in, material possessions are a large part of our everyday lives. These days the worst thing in the world would be if our mobile phone network wasn't working, but imagine if you lost one of the most precious of keepsakes?

Back in 1978 Rose Pritchard who is the cleaner at Heart Radio, had been walking her dog in the Summerhill area when she found a wedding album left on a path.  With no names or locations in the album, Rose has spent the last 33 years trying to reunite it with its owner:  "Well looking through the album, I did think perhaps the church was located in Shropshire and the wedding looks to be a fifties wedding, that's my guess anyway."

Rose, who's been married for more than 30 years, said she really wants to trace the newly-weds:  "This is somebody's memories. 
"I'm sure they would like it back. I have done some investigating but haven't come up with anything."

After years of searching and enquiring without any luck, Rose has now come to the conclusion that it's going to take a bit more asking round. So here at Heart are working with The Wrexham Leader to appeal to our listeners and readers to help us reunite this album with it's rightful owner. 

Naomi Penrose, 19, who's carrying out an internship with Heart whilst studying at Glyndwr University has been doing some detective work of her own and visited Wrexham's Archives and Local Studies Centre, to see if they could help.  Joy Thomas is one of the librarians there:  "There's very little to identify the date or the place but looking at them I would say the 1950s, purely due to the style of the wedding dress and groom is holding gloves in his hand, and the best man.

"There isn't anything to place where it is though, there's no full view of the church in any of the pictures and there's only half of a noticeboard on the side of the church too." 

Can you help us reunite this album with the couple?  Email us at