Dragon Project - £1 plus appeal

Now a project that's been compared to the Statue of Liberty is asking Welsh people from all over the world to donate just £1 to the appeal.

The Dragon Project needs to raise £8 million pounds before it can be built on land at Chirk.

You can be part of history by just donating a pound to the appeal..

The Dragon is set to enhance and energise the Welsh Economy whilst driving a constant revenue stream into support for treatment of cancer. 

Simon Wingett the man behind the idea says:

"It's wholly symbolic of Wales, Sustainability for jobs, tourism, commerce and the fight against cancer and also provide a strong synergy with Far East Dragon economies."

A planning application for the project is to be discussed at Wrexham Borough Council meeting on November 2nd.

You can find out more information about the Project at www.thewelshdragon.co.uk