Frodsham Woman's Plea for Kidney

19 November 2013, 06:00

Janet Bell put an advert in her local paper, after a change in the law meant she can look for a live donor for a lifesaving kidney.

Janet, 43, was diagnosed with kidney failure 17 years ago and has had to undergo daily sessions of dialysis to keep her blood clean.

Now, the access into Janet's blood stream for the dialysis machine can't be used, instead she has a temporary access in her neck.  

Janet, who runs the Frodsham Laser Clinic, has turned to complete strangers to try and save her life, posting a advert in the local paper saying that she only has months to live, and needs a live kidney donor.

The 43 year old has undergone two transplants in the past, receiving kidneys from people who had died but they failed.  It means that Janet's only option now is a living donor, who can be treated to make sure that the kidney will work when it is transferred.

For more information call 0207 484 8633