Hovercraft from Wirral and North Wales by summer?

26 February 2014, 15:49 | Updated: 26 February 2014, 15:59

Hoverlink are looking to start to commuter services between North Wales, Wirral and Blackpool in 2015

But, the director of the company has told Heart that he wants to use this summer's British Open Golf Championships as a test.

Simon Clitheroe says that discussions are in the very early stages, but the vessels could be ready for July.

The services which would carry around 35 passengers would run regularly between Rhyl, New Brighton, Bromborough, Liverpool Airport and Blackpool for both commuters and tourists.

With hundreds and thousands expected to come to Hoylake's golf course on the coastline, Simon's told Heart it's a chance they have to take: "We'd like to use that as a trial time to see what the feedback is like from the customers.

"A big idea like this needs to be community lead, not just a company saying 'here it is and away we go'."

The company is still looking for investors - investment@hoverlink.net - as well as surveying locals.