Mold Cape Comes Homes

Every girl's dream accessory is available to see - for a limited time only

The Mold Cape has come home. 

Discovered in 1833 the Early Bronze Age aretfact was acquired by the British Museum and has been displayed there ever since. 

The Mold Cape - made entirely of gold - is thought to date back as far as 1900-1600 BC. 

It was re-discovered in 1833 by workmen digging stone from a stone cairn at Bryn yr Ellyllon on the outskirts Mold. 

The cape was found around the remains of a human skeleton along with rows of amber beads, and used around 700g of gold. 

Mayor with the Mold Cape

Now, the Mold Cape is one of the British Museum's top 10 treasures, and for one week only, it's back in north Wales for a special exhibition at Wrexham County Borough Museum. 

The exhibition, Capes, Beads & Burials is open to the public from Thursday 8th August until Saturday September 14th.