Mum dresses as a chicken for cancer

Fiona's daughter Megan lost her battle with the disease 12 months ago. During her treatment she put together a guide to coping with the illness 'My Name is Not Cancer' Her Mum now wants to carry on with Megan's message, spreading it all over the UK.

The Wrexham Mum has been up and down the country all month in a bid to raise awareness of all types of the illness. She's also been handing out copies of Megan's work to various organisations, she says to make sure other patients don't get lost when their diagnosed.

Fiona told Heart 'I don't know if Megan ever thought her writing would be published, we all thought she would beat the disease and go back to her university studies. She wanted to go into cancer research'

Her challenge will finish this Saturday (30th of July) with a free fall jump off a 107 ft pole in the Conwy Valley, dressed in her chicken suit.

She's revealed to Heart News she thinks it's more important now than ever for the profile of cancer charities to remain in the public domain. 'The economy is really struggling and the organisations will continue but they are dependent on the goodwill of the public'

But will she put on her chicken suit again? Fiona told us 'Maybe not every month, perhaps I'll make it an annual event!'