New 'store' to Help Young People Everywhere

7 January 2013, 05:00

The HYPE initiative is working to help youngsters from the Wirral

Matthew Houghton, 31, from Upton left what he called a dead-end job in a biscuit factory, to try and make a brighter future for young people.

Matthew got a teacher and a DJ to help offer courses in things like sport, music, art and drama to give young people something to do.

Working with young people across Wirral, HYPE developed in to much more, with them now offering quit smoking courses and lessons in how to apply for jobs and what to do in an interview.  "For some it's just a confident issue.  They leave school and may not have had any employment for years or it may be someone who has been made redundant.

"We've had young people with good degrees but they have no work experience and employers are unwilling to give them a chance."