One punch can kill

Police on Merseyside are urging people to think before they lash out - as they launch their summer safety campaign.

During the past five years, 24 people have lost their lives because of drunken fights, Merseyside Police have told Heart that seven of those were caused by just one punch.

Chief Superintendent Jon Ward said: "We’re trying to get the message out there, a split second decision can destroy lives and that ultimately - one punch can kill.  

"Victims of assault don’t always walk away with just a bruise. Sometimes people don't walk away at all."

The Force's "One Punch Can Kill' campaign is also supported by Mr Eldridge, Clinical Director for Neurosurgery at The Walton Centre, and Mrs Agnes Skelly whose son Gary Skelly died following an unprovoked attack in September 2010.
Consultant neurosurgeon at The Walton Centre, Paul Eldridge said: "Sadly, not infrequently we see young people who have suffered serious head injuries as a result of a single punch, usually associated with alcohol.

"Unfortunately the aftermath is either they don’t survive or, arguably worse, they have a lifelong major disability."