Pets dumped at Rescue Centre

Capricorn Animal Rescue in Flintshire have revealed to Heart News they've seen a record number of pets being left with them this year, with owners claiming they can't cope.

The centre in Padeswood have also revealed many of the animals left on their doorstep are in very poor conditions, some are struggling to eat because of illness with others needing urgent vet care.

Shelter Manager Shiela Stewart says owners tell her they can't afford to look after thier pets anymore but she's revealed their  funds are also tight with the rise of food bills and medical charges.

She's now urging Mums and Dads not to consider buying an animal for their children if they're not sure they can look after them. She says 'Animals are living, breathing pets that need a lot of care and attention'

400 rabbits alone have passed through Capricorns doors so far this year, they've also have been forced to find homes for hundreds of dogs, cats, chickens, ponies, goats and even ferrets.