Prince William's Farewell To Anglesey

Prince William has thanked the people of Anglesey for their kindness during the three years he and Kate have lived there

Diolch yn fawr, Meurig.     

Diolch Fonwysion.

Mae’n bleser mawr bod yma. 

Rwy mor falch o fod wedi byw, ar Ynys Môn, Mam Cymru.   

Rwy hyd yn oed wedi dysgu dipyn o Gymraeg!  

(Thank you, Meurig. Thank you, People of Anglesey. It is a great pleasure to be here. I am so proud to have lived on Anglesey, the Mother of Wales. I have even learned a little Welsh!)

My Welsh pronunciation is bad but it is slowly getting better, I hope.   

Catherine is sorry that she cannot be here today at the County Show, but she and George would have loved to have been here. He’s pretty loud but of course very good looking! 

I have to say that I thought Search and Rescue duties over Snowdonia were physically and mentally demanding, but looking after a three week-old baby is up there!   

I know that I speak for Catherine when I say that I have never in my life known somewhere as beautiful and as welcoming as Anglesey.  

The views across the Menai Straits are undoubtedly among the most stunning in the British Isles.  I know that both of us will miss it terribly when my Search and Rescue tour of duty comes to an end next month and we have to move elsewhere.   

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my wife and me so welcome when we arrived here, as you do thousands of visitors each year.  

This island has been our first home together, and it will always be an immensely special place for us both. Catherine and I look forward to returning again and again over the coming years with our family.  

Diolch am y croeso i Sioe Môn - sy’n gyfle i weld pam mae’r ynys hon mor arbennig. Diolch o galon.   
(Thank you for the welcome to Anglesey Show – which is an opportunity to see why this island is so special.  My heartfelt thanks.)