Titanic Hotel Transforms Liverpool Dock

6 May 2014, 06:00

The first phase of a multi-million pound revamp of the Stanley Dock nears completion.

The Titanic Hotel and adjoining Rum Warehouse is due to open in June after a £36m transformation of the North Warehouse at Stanley Dock.

The Grade 2 warehouse was built in 1855 to store goods from across the world like rubber and tobacco, and although it carries the name 'Titanic', it isn's a theme hotel, but does make the most of the original architecture of the building.

General Manager Greg Place told Heart: "Less is more, and I have to say that when people will see it, we've tried to keep it how it generally was.

"When people come in and they see the scale and generosity of the corridors and the bedrooms, the uniqueness of the building, it's a great feeling.

"This is the heart of Liverpool, it is the history of Liverpool and to be given the opportunity to do something like this which is unique, and give it back to the City of Liverpool, it's a privilege."

The Hotel and adjoining Rum Warehouse exhibition space will open in June, with The South Warehouse then being redeveloped for residential, commercial and business use.