Travel Agent launches Branson Space Trip

Elegant Resorts is just one of four companies in the UK to be picked to sell Richard Branson's Virgin holiday to the stars.

British Billionaire Richard Branson has already built his own Spaceport in New Mexico where Virgin Galatic will be based. A location said to have been chosen because of its almost guarenteed clear skies, that'll be ideal for take off.

Michelle Sefton, Managing Director at Elegant Resorts has been giving Heart an insight into the trip. Michelle told us "The flight takes ninety minutes, of which passengers will experience four minutes of weightlessness" They'll also need to make sure they're ready for take off by attending four days at Branson's Space Camp.

But it's not cheap if you're thinking of signing up. It's an initial deposit of twenty thousand dollars with the total holiday costing two hundred thousand.