Vauxhall Ellesmere Port shuts for a week

Workers at Vauxhall have been given an extra weeks holiday after a drop in car sales across Europe.

The car plant has stopped production in an aim to avoid building up too much stock with staff told they'll still receive full pay during the down days. 

A motoring expert has been telling Heart that closure is nothing for workers to worry about. 

Paul Everett from the Society of Motor Manufactuers and Traders said that workers at the plant are still producing good vehicles and will see an increase in production over the next two years. "GM Motors has taken the decision to reinvest in facilicites at both Ellesmere Port and Luton both will be producing new products in the next eighteen months to two years. 

"This is a difficult situation but it's due to something which is unfortunately beyond the company's control". 

A spokesperson for Vauxhall has been speaking to Heart and they had this to say: "This is a normal working practice in order to match supply with demand. Closing the plants down completely for a period rather than for odd days permits us to make significant energy efficiency savings".