Wirral Mum Heartbroken Over Jewellery Theft

5 November 2014, 15:31 | Updated: 5 November 2014, 15:38

A Wirral mum whose home was burgled is calling on the thieves responsible to return two pieces of jewellery given to her by her son who died just over 10 years ago.

Adele Hardman discovered her home in Wallasey had been burgled on the morning of 1November. Her whole dressing table of jewellery boxes had been emptied.

Two of her most precious pieces of jewellery were stolen; a 9ct custom-made gold necklace with a pendant depicting four playing cards. On
the back it reads "To Chris, you are my shining star, Love Forever, Kayl x"
and was given to Adele's son, Christopher, by his girlfriend. The second is a pendant that contains a picture of Christopher.

Christopher on 25 October 2004 when he was just 15 after suffering Oseteosarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer.

Adele said:  "It makes me feel sick that someone has been in my house and gone through all my things. But if that's not bad enough, the've taken such precious items that give me such fond memories of my son, and on the 10th anniversary of his death and his birthday this Sunday. It brings it all back to me.

"As well as  the items of jewellery there are other personal items from my son, such as letters and notes. Whoever took these things will know exactly what they are, and I just want them all back. I used to get them out and read them to remember Christopher and I can't now because they're gone.

Detective Paul Parry from Wirral CID said: "The thieves will probably not have been aware of what they stole as they took all the jewellery boxes. But they will now have had time to go through everything and realise that they've taken some items of huge sentimentality.

Police believe the burglary happened sometime during the evening of Friday 31 October and into the early hours of Saturday morning.