Global's Make Some Noise Supporting Legacy Rainbow House

Projects Global's Make Some Noise supports in your area deliver life changing work and help to give children a brighter future... projects like the Legacy Rainbow House.

The Legacy Rainbow House provides specialist therapy to children with disabilities, brain injuries and life-limiting conditions. The support they offer allows children to learn independent life skills and ensures they achieve their potential in every area of learning. 

Hannah Building Blocks - Legacy Rainbow HouseWith your support Make Some Noise will help refurbish a sensory room with up to date technology. The sensory lights, sounds and soft play area combine to create a relaxing and stimulating environment for children who have sensory impairments, behavioral needs and learning difficulties.

Sensory interaction at The Legacy Rainbow House has transformed Hannah’s life. Hannah makes everyone around her smile, but her rare and physical and developmental condition – Cornelia De Lange Syndrome – means that her future is very uncertain. It is unknown what milestones Hannah will achieve; she cannot speak, and does not have the same emotional reactions as other children. However, with help from The Legacy, Hannah has learnt many new skills and has exceeded expectations, continuing to make progress in all areas of learning. She has increased eye contact and is able to show more affection. Hannah’s greatest achievement is learning to walk independently!