Banned Workplace Words

From next year, some workplaces are banning colleagues from using certain 'terms of endearment' with each other... but which words would you ban?

Some companies are going to ban their employees from calling people names like 'darling, love, honey, sweetheart and poppet'. Do you think it's a good idea... or ridiculous? What do you hate being called by other people?!

Loads of you were having your say on this:

Sonia: What on earth is happening in this country? I personally don't like being called love... but I can live with it! Some people need to get a life of their own and stop interfering! Rant over!

Sarah: I think the world has gone mad! They are terms of endearment and provided they are not used in a patronising manner, can sometimes brighten up a person's day!

Amanda: I'm a coroners officer and I'm a huggy person. I always say sweetheart to the families I speak to and its a term of endearment. I've never had any complaints!

Simone: People who know me will know if those names are banned I'll probably never be able to speak to anyone again... especially if poppet is banned!

Claire: One of my colleagues calls me Flower! I think its lovely!

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