Do You Have A Pet Voice?

On Wednesday’s show, you were doing your ‘pet voices’ after we discovered Lorna has one!

Lorna was telling Joel about how she thinks her dad loves her dog Dennis more than her!

Joel was more worried about Lorna’s ‘pet voice’ that she uses! But... it seems she’s not alone:

Jules: I talk to my dogs Jess, Frank and Jack all the time... more than I talk to the other half! Better conversation!

Emma:  We have a cat who visits us every day. Mum had fish the other night and it miaowed outside our window for ages! All three of us waved at it and talked to it for at least an hour... we even missed Eastenders!

Simone: My sister Amanda Roberts baptised her guinea pigs... and when the cats died we had to have a full funeral service with eulogy!

We also mentioned the rumours of a Michael Jackson 'hologram' tour - and asked if you'd go and watch:

Michelle: I went see Elvis as hologram a few years ago and it was fabulous... the way they did it really made it feel like Elvis was there too!

Nicola: It sounds ridiculous but I'm a massive fan and would probably go to see it... Michael Jackson at Wembley in 1997 was the best concert I've ever been to.

Rebecca: I would 100% go! As much as I agree it wouldn't be the same, I'm a massive MJ fan and the atmosphere would be incredible!

Back tomorrow morning from 6... make sure you're listening if you want to win a new car from Arnold Clark!

Joel & Lorna x

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