Do You Know A Technophobe?

Joel and Lorna were chatting about technology... and those people you know who are USELESS with it!

OAP's are going to be taught by teenagers how to send emails, use Skype, record videos… and even set up their own Facebook accounts!

Everybody knows someone who can't cope with technology... for Lorna it's her dad! You were sharing your brilliant 'technophobe' stories:

Kirsty: My dad watched the same episode of a DVD boxset 3 times in a row because he couldn't figure out how to get back to the menu! He can't use a computer, his phone or the TV!

Lucy: Whenever my phone goes off my Dad says 'who's that faxing you?' - bless him

Mark: My nan used my laptop and on screen it said 'press any key' - she spent 5 minutes looking for the 'ANY' key!

Back tomorrow morning from 6... with your tickets to see Robbie! He plays the Phones4U Arena in a few weeks... we want to send you for FREE!

Joel & Lorna x