Ever Been Mistaken For A Celebrity?

Joel and Lorna went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach... they were queueing up when they heard people WHISPERING about Lorna!

Not because it was Lorna... but because they thought she was TULISA!

As much as Joel wanted to play along, Lorna quickly corrected them and told her she most definitely wasn't!

It got Joel and Lorna talking about when you've been confused for someone famous... and what you ended up doing!

Take a listen to some of your brilliant stories:

Dan: I always got mistaken for Joe Hart in loads of different places! I couldn't push it too far when was playing though... he was always in goal on the TV!

Katie: I got mistaken for Nicki Minaj in a club... I was less than impressed!

Keeley: My husband was mistaken for Paul Scholes in a pub - he started to autograph beer mats for everyone!

Hope you have a good weekend... we're back Monday morning from 6!

Joel & Lorna x