Get The Kids To Do What You Want

Want your kids to do what they’re told? Scientists have worked out the solution! They’ve found children listen to instructions if they’re written down rather than spoken.

It got Joel and Lorna thinking about how you get your kids to do what you want them to... without having to bribe them too much!

You had some genius suggestions of 'alternative' tricks to make sure they listen to your every word:

Gemma: Call it incentives instead of bribery... everyone needs a target or goal!

I'm 41 and my Mum can still give me 'that' look that stops me dead in my tracks.

Martin: The best way to stop kids from doing something is by telling them to do it... kidology!

Kirsty: I tell mine if she doesn't do as she's told I'll take her back to ASDA... which is where she thinks I got her from!

Back tomorrow morning from 6... we've got £100,000 for you to win on Who's On Heart! Do you know all three secret celebrities?

Joel & Lorna x