Joel and Lorna Do Fifty Shades

February 13th... the date EVERYONE is counting down to! It's when Fifty Shades of Grey hits cinemas across the North West!

More than 100 million copies of the book have been sold...and now everyone's waiting for the film!

There's even Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie that's been released in time for Valentine's Day.

One of the songs from the film's soundtrack is the BRILLIANT Love Me Like You Do from Ellie Goulding.

In the video, Ellie's walking around a mysterious mansion with clips from Fifty Shades weaved in.

Joel and Lorna (well just Joel!) had an idea to recreate the Fifty Shades scenes from the video... for our own Heart Breakfast version.

Here it is! Joel and Lorna do Fifty Shades... enjoy the AWKWARDNESS:

Keep listening to Heart Breakfast... you can be one of the FIRST in the North West to see the film!

Joel & Lorna x