Joel's Massage Fail

What do you buy Joel for his birthday? A self-confessed metrosexual man... Lorna got him a dartboard and a Thai massage!

All was fine with the dartboard... but the Thai massage went AWKWARDLY wrong:

Lorna's also got something planned involving Joel and the North West's 'World Cup Widows'.

Loads of you have been getting in touch saying that your other half is DESERTING you tomorrow night... in favour of the Uruguay match:

Carol: I'm a World Cup Widow guys! All year every year my hubby has it on every TV... sometimes its 3 different games! You should ban it all!

Jayne: I'm a World Cup wWdow... thank god for Netflix! It's the only thing keeping me sane because my other hald has to watch EVERY match!

Anon: I am definitely a World Cup Widow... it's like being the little people in The Borrowers in my house! I go upstairs and only come down to rehydrate myself! My husband sits downstairs watching the TV and doesn't move! Luckily my daughter is upstairs with me to keep me company!

Listen tomorrow to see what she's organised for one 'World Cup Widow' - and also win Robbie Williams tickets after 8!

Joel & Lorna x