Life Plans on Heart Breakfast

Joel and Lorna wanted to know if your 'life plans' had worked out... and if not what ended up being different!

The average woman wants to meet ‘the one’ aged 24, have kids by the time she’s 27… and reach the top of her career at 34!

Despite wanting it all, HALF of women end up missing these milestones and nearly a quarter end up doing something completely different to what they planned!

So... we got chatting about your 'life plans' on Heart Breakfast and how it had all worked out:

Kelly: I never had a plan at all. I'm 27 and have been with my partner for 5 years and we have a 18 month old son. I have a very good job for a company that is forever growing. I think everyone should just wing it. What will be will be. You shouldn’t have a plan and follow it just to end up being unhappy.

Jayne: I am really fortunate, I met my husband at 18, got my career as a nurse at 22, had our first child at 24, got our first home at 25, married at 27 and pregnant now with my second child at 31. My plan was to have all of the above by the time I was 30 I'm only a year out!

Louise: I'm 25 just starting out on the career path I want! Been with my boyfriend 3 years but no intentions of getting married, settling down or having children! I want to see the world so I'm with you on this one Lorna!

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Joel & Lorna x