Lorna Lies... Thanks To The North West

Lorna needs to make her last 12 months sound more interesting to her friend (who's been living in Australia) - but what did you suggest?!

On Wednesday's show, Joel surprised Lorna with Passenger on the show... he even performed his new single 'Hearts On Fire' live:

Colette in Warrington: OMG... Passenger! Amazing! I've just downloaded the new single... epic tune!

Toni from Manchester: Listening to Passenger singing live on Heart... his voice is AMAZING!

Lorna also needed your help with some 'Lorna Lies' - she's meeting up with her friend later who's been living in Australia for 12 months.

She'll have loads of amazing stories about how she's been swimming with dolphins and lapping up the sunshine... so Lorna wanted to make her year sound as interesting.

Listen to your suggestions:

Back in the morning! Don't forget we've got that amazing NEW car to win from Arnold Clark... and more Prince tickets for this weekend at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester!

Joel & Lorna x