Lorna's Obsession... With Men In Uniform

Lorna was hosting Race For Life in Liverpool's Sefton Park over the weekend... but Joel noticed something VERY interesting that she'd posted on her Facebook page afterwards!

He decided to ask her about it... and it seems that she's developed an obsession for men in a certain uniform:

It seems she's not alone! Loads of ladies across the North West agreed...and were sharing their favourites:

Jenny: You can't beat a man in a suit... any man looks good in a suit!

Carol: Love firemen... you feel completely safe! Pilots too... but don't forget Dennis is on the front of bin wagons as well!

Anon: Joel, you'll never understand firemen are SO hot... you should take it up! You'll have a woman in no time!

Back tomorrow morning from 6... we've got £100,000, free flights AND your chance to be at Cartmel Races VIP style!

Joel & Lorna x